If you thought about email mailing your customers to get them to buy more per sale and buy more often, you are definitely on the right track. There are a multitude of benefits for small businesses when they use this simple marketing method.

Email Mailing Basics

There are some things you will need to launch your first email mailing. You’ll need a combination of services and experts to put out a professionally written and designed campaign.

A CRM or Email Sending Service

There are numerous CRMs (Customer Relation Management) software packages to use. There’s a CRM to suit everyone’s needs. Two of the most popular to get started with are MailChimp.com and Sendinblue.com. They both have free plans to get started and offer everything you’ll need.

Your CRM will manage your mailing list, give you forms for your website so people can subscribe, give you statistics and help you design your email templates.


A professional copywriter that is an expert in email marketing will provide campaigns that your customers and potential customers will enjoy receiving. They aren’t in-your-face-sales, but a subtle marketing technique that points out the benefits the recipient will receive from your products. These emails will keep your customers returning to your website for various reasons. The more they are on your website, the more often they’ll buy.

Graphic Designer

A graphic designer that is experienced in designing emails is a must. They ensure your emails always look professional, fresh and give the best possible impression of your products. The design will also include what is required by law in marketing by email, which is vital.

Kickstarting Sales

Your best return on investment in marketing is going to be with email marketing. To get started cashing in on this new marketing method, assemble the tools that you need.

Your next step is to begin building your mailing list, then you’ll be ready to start pulling in the cash immediately. How to build your email mailing list will be covered in another blog post.

Crumple Group can help you with your email marketing campaigns. Just send us a message or call. We have a team of experts to help you grow your business by using email.

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