When you receive marketing emails, some will be plain text and others in HTML. So, you’re probably wondering which is the more effective choice in email format. Here’s the skinny on html vs text.

Email Format HTML vs Text

Your email marketing software, or CRM, will give you a choice on how your marketing email will look to the recipient. Some will offer the choice to make both available to the reader so they can receive the HTML version and opt into the text version only. But which is the best choice for you to use?

The choice to use text is very tempting because you won’t have to hire an email template designer to write all that html to make your email to look gorgeous. However, plain text is used in a few circumstances and most emails are designed with HTML.

When to Use Plain Text for Your Email Template

If your email’s tone is very personal, plain text is sometimes the best choice. For example, when you’re using a 1st person approach and speaking to them one on one in a caring, friendly tone, you might need text. This is a particularly desirable choice when you’re a real estate investor offering to purchase a home from a person facing foreclosure. For that cold email campaign approach, a plain text email that includes a call to action to call you is perfect.

When to Design Your Marketing Email with HTML

Most of the time, for most businesses small and large, using HTML for the email template design is the most lucrative choice. That lovely design with images, matching fonts, a color scheme, and buttons to push, will go a long way to highlight your company’s service and products in their best possible light. And just as importantly, it will build trust. Your company will come across as legitimate business with quality products.

More Important Email Template Information

If you’re a graphic designer, the choice of HTML vs Text for email format is an easy one. Feel free to do a little reading on email template design and create your own email template. And in this case, it will be an example of your skill in graphic design.

When you’re not a graphic designer, don’t design the email templates yourself. The look of your email will build trust or break trust. Make sure you use a graphic designer with experience in designing email templates.


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