It would be sweet to suddenly bump up your email marketing open rates by 29% and see click-throughs boosted by a whopping 41%, wouldn’t it?

And isn’t this what we all want from our newest and greatest email marketing campaigns?
Oh, yeah.

Well, there is one simple change you can make in your text that will have them opening your emails, click-through and buy, buy, buy. You’re going to think, “No, way, that isn’t going to do squat.” Oh, but it’s proven true by top brands who know a lot about marketing by email and they did studies.

From Experian Marketing Service’s Study (The company that controls your credit score):

Personalized promotional mailings have 29 percent higher unique open rates and 41 percent higher unique click rates than nonpersonalized mailings.

And numerous CRM software companies have done studies that found comparable results, as well.

What is Email Personalization?

This is the practice of having the email recipient’s name appear in key spots in the email.

Here is where you want it to appear in the marketing email:

  • Subject line
  • In the first sentence
  • In or near the call to action at the bottom

If you’re going with good practices in your marketing, you’re sending a short email of 25 to 100 words. For a 25-word email or thereabouts, 1 time in the body of the email is plenty. If you need to do 75 – 100, then go with twice in the body.

Here’s the Magic of Personalization

People love to see their name. You are speaking directly to them and that gets their undivided attention and builds some instant trust. Instinctively, by calling them by their first name the back of their brain is telling them they know and trust you as a friend.

As you know, in marketing that is the most difficult hurdle to jump, obtaining trust.

Enjoy These Impressive Open and Click Through Increases

At we always personalize e-mails. Our clients love it and so do their customers and clients.

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