Marketing emails are the #1 way businesses keep their customers buying and are vital to keep your small business growing. But what should you be sending to your customers and leads?

Here are Marketing Emails You Simply Must Send:

  1. Welcome Series: Send 3 emails to welcome a new subscriber to your email list. The first email in the series usually needs to include a free item or discount.
  2. Abandoned Shopping Cart Series (Retail only): This will get that customer right back to their shopping cart to checkout and maybe shop a little more. Usually, the 3rd email includes a discount.
  3. Cold Emails: Always add new leads to your mailing list. Reaching out with marketing emails should be a series of 5.
  4. Ongoing Engagement of Current Customers: These daily, weekly, or semimonthly emails are a vital component in retaining customers. If you aren’t sending them, your competitor is and your customers will wander over there.
  5. Transactional Emails: These emails allow you to keep your customer updated. For instance, you send a thank you for their order, another when the package ships, another when it’s been delivered, etc. These updates let your customer know they’re important to you.
  6. Re-Engagement Series: Sending at least 2 emails to a customer who stopped purchasing after a few months will return when they’re reminded how much they love your products. And a nice discount helps, too.
  7. Flash Sales: When you need a quick influx of cash, send out a flash sale on a popular item that rarely is discounted. That will get them shopping and fill your register with cash. Be careful not to overdo with flash sales, because it’ll dilute its effectiveness. Make it every 1 – 3 months.

When it comes to the Ongoing Engagement Marketing Emails, you need to send a variety of topics – not just promo codes and discounts. (Although, discounts are used far more frequently with a retail business than other industries.) But even retail needs to mix it up. Always shoot for getting your customer or potential customer to your website to do something. The more they’re on your website, the more they’ll reach your sales pitches. And they’ll buy often.

Effective Ongoing Engagement Marketing Email Topics:

  • Tease a blog post to get them to read it.
  • Feature 1 product in-depth per email.
  • Give expert advice to build trust in your expertise.
  • Send occasional discounts or promo codes.
  • Introduce new products/services, 1 email at a time.
  • Encourage them to follow you on social accounts.
  • Offer a fun poll to fill out on your website.
  • Send an educational video that shows how your product is made.
  • Offer a contest with a huge prize.

Sending marketing emails will keep your customers engaged and they really do appreciate hearing from you. Today’s consumer expects to receive emails from you. Always keep them returning to your website and they’ll shop. An engaged customer stays loyal to your brand.

When you need help writing your email marketing campaigns, contact Pam at This is where you’ll get the most from your digital marketing efforts.

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