Many times, a startup will decide they don’t want to learn how to use a CRM or pay the money for an email marketing mailing service online. They just want to use their business email account and send the things so they’ll get sales quicker. Well, this could kill your business right out of the gate.

Email Marketing via the Company Email Account

There are numerous problems with this idea and it is something you do not want to try at home, or in the office, or in the coffee house. Ever.

ISP Blacklist

If you have never heard about the ISP Blacklist, pay attention. It can kill your business in a heartbeat. When you are reported as a spammer, you end up on the ISP Blacklist. This means any email that uses your domain name will be sent to trash by the ISP, the recipient won’t even have the pleasure of deleting your emails as spam. They’ll never receive them. That means all your emails. You will no longer be able to communicate by email effectively. Sure, some will get through, but most will not. And you won’t know which ones.

IP Address Block

There is something else that will eventually happen when people report your email address as a spammer. Your IP address can be blocked. This means no emails you send will be delivered to the recipient.

This problem happens when the recipient clicks to put your email in the spam folder. They are not intentionally reporting you as a spammer, they just don’t want to receive your newsletter anymore. This puts you in a real jam.

Big Fines or Imprisonment

When you’re new to marketing by email you typically don’t know the spam laws. Breaking those laws can have profoundly serious consequences. The FTC can fine you up to $43,792 for every noncompliant email that you send, for example.

Ways to Avoid All This

First, brush up on the CAN-SPAM act. The Federal Trade Commission in the US enforces this act.

Secondly, always use a CRM or other professional marketing email service. They will keep you informed, and their standard templates include many of the features your email needs to include to be legal.

Thirdly, send professionally designed emails. Hire a graphic designer who specializes in email template design create a beautiful email that looks like it came from a legitimate company. And have it written by an ad copywriter who specializes in email marketing.

And of course, never ever send marketing emails with the company email address. You can use your company email address in a CRM, however. A CRM or marketing email software companies have protections in place to avoid the problems sending with your regular email software generates.

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