The best free email marketing software for you to use for your email marketing campaigns is going to depend on which features work best for you, of course. But the most popular ones tend to have enough for everyone to run an effective campaign. Here are the ones I checked out recently and find they would work for most everyone.

After you use one of these for a while, you can upgrade to a paid plan as you grow your mailing list or move on to a CRM that has a paid plan with more of the features you really need. Using a free plan lets you get the feel of using software for marketing, so you can discover the features that are most important for your industry and marketing goals.

So, here are the top 2 that I consider the best free email marketing software for small businesses.

In my opinion, the best free email marketing software is one that is going to remain free until you grow. offers that. Most software packages offer a free trial then you have to pay, but it takes a while to take the time you need to build a list and send a few mailings to get the feel for it. So, ongoing free is ideal.

Sendinblue has very good design features that work well, if you have the talent to design your own email templates. Ideally, you would use a graphic designer because design takes real talent and it’s not a place you’d want to skimp.

It has all the features you need for managing your lists and to use your contacts for calling. I find it to be the best free email marketing software from the ones I’ve taken a good look at so far. has been around for a long time. It was the first popular emailing software, and everyone loved it because it was free and got the job done. Today it seems a little behind the times with its design features. They seem rather clunky and not very intuitive, so it can make designing and email template frustrating from time to time.

MailChimp has everything you need in email marketing software and it’s an excellent choice for your marketing campaigns. It is 100% free until you get to the point where have over 2,000 contacts.

Making Life Easier in Email Marketing

The ideal situation is to hire an email marketing software manager to design your email marketing templates and manage your mailings. But when you’re just starting to send email marketing campaigns there is much to know. So, I chose these 2 as the best free email marketing software to get to know the ropes.

Share in the comments section which one you really enjoy using and why.

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