Of course, you want the best email marketing campaign. I mean, do it effectively or go home, right? Right. So, here is the deal. About 99% of small businesses are doing it wrong. OK, I made that percentage up, but it is based on seeing what my clients are doing before I get involved.

Best Email Marketing Campaign

You’ll see many thousands, possibly millions, of web pages that tell you exactly how to write marketing emails. They’ll say something along the lines of “first say hello then state a problem. Then give a solution.” That is completely wrong, at least in a literal sense. The best email marketing campaign has little to do with any of that.

Write an Effective Marketing Email

There is a sound marketing principle that applies to email marketing, too. The customer wants only one thing – the benefit they get from your product. They couldn’t care less about the features initially and unfortunately, that is all an inexperienced marketer will talk about.

But the biggest problem for most people who are not very well trained marketers or salespeople, is understanding what the benefit is. So, here are some examples.


Features: Comes in all the most popular colors, gold color tube, twists up
Benefit: Makes others see you as beautiful

High-End Sportscar

Features: 0-200mph in 6 seconds, leather interior, all the dashboard candy
Benefit: Blow every other car off the road so fast that they’ll never be able to identify your car


Features: Bookkeeping services, payroll services, full tax filing service, affordable rates
Benefit: Pay less taxes and stay out of jail

In most cases, your customers are buying only the benefit. The features are just talking points. They are not buying a lipstick to own a lip color. They are buying the benefit of others thinking they are beautiful.

Subject Lines

At Crumple Group, when we write your marketing emails, we put a benefit in a catchy headline. Sometimes we go a little clickbait-ish, but not overboard. You have to intrigue them enough to get them to click on the email to open it.

Email Length

The email itself needs to be less than 100 words. Why? Because nobody reads anymore. They look at the email and if it looks like it is going to take a few minutes to read then they will promptly delete it. They want to scan it to immediately know what you want. So, every word counts because you are not using a lot of them.

You do not ask questions at all in this email, usually. You state the benefits of your product. In the next paragraph you can mention a feature or two and then get right to the call to action.

The Call-to-Action

The call to action for these emails needs to send them to a landing page dedicated to the topic of this email. But in some cases, it is best to tell them to call. If you are a real estate investor offering a free home valuation, then asking them to call with “Let’s talk” works quite well. But in most cases, you need them to click through to your real sales pitch on a landing page on your website.

The Real Purpose of the Marketing Email

The best email marketing campaign is trying to accomplish one thing. That one thing is to create a bunch of interest in the benefits of a product or service, so much so that they will click through to the landing page on your website to read more about it.

That click is the potential customer’s subconscious permission to “pitch me.” Now the sale is easy. You’ve sent a very clickable subject line to get them to open the email. You got them to read your short email. You told them you have that benefit they want very badly and all they have to do is click through and it’ll be within their grasp. Now they are very interested in your product or service.

What Not to Do

The #1 thing you do not want to do in these marketing emails is to pitch them. Do not try to sell your product. You are stating the benefits of your products.

Cash in Your Pocket Accounting and Tax Service helps you keep more of your money.

Not – “Cash in Your Pocket Accounting and Tax Service has top of the line CPAs.”

People want to buy: keeping more of my money. They could not care less about: top CPAs.

You need to create the interest in what they’ll get out of the product in these emails. That is all. Trying to sell them is not going to work. The email is only the first step. It’s waving that temptation in front of them and getting them to follow the trail to your website.

Hiring a Copywriter

A copywriter is a professional ad writer. These emails can be done by a business owner or a well-trained staff member who knows marketing fairly well. But, a professional copywriter is going to write an extremely effective marketing email that will bring your company a lot of results. All the best email marketing campaigns are written by copywriters and the return on that investment is huge. When you need to make your marketing emails count, give us a call at Crumple Group: (802) 870-0060.

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