Taking advantage of the best return on investment in marketing is going to require you have one important thing: an email marketing mailing list. If you can develop a mailing list of pre-qualified potential customers, one jam-packed full of people who are interested in your products, that would be spectacular! And there are ways to accomplish exactly that.

Here are some of the ways to build that mailing list.

Run an Ad on Facebook

Facebook is the cost-effective source of all things demographic. By running an ad that is highly targeted for people just like your typical customers, you’ll invite them to sign up for your mailing list. Typically, this takes a little bribe to accomplish. Most companies offer a free item or free eBook that is delivered after signing up to your mailing list. People enjoy this type of promotion and flock to it.

Subscribe Your Customers

Invite all of your customers to sign up for your email marketing list. Send them all an invitation that promises special discounts or other benefits for being a “preferred member.” It works like a charm.

Encourage Subscribing When Creating an Account

Adding a pre-checked box on the account creation form on your website to sign them up for your email list will get most to subscribe.

Add a Sign-Up Form Popup on Your Website

Every visitor to your website should see a popup form on your website that invites them to join your mailing list. This popup should offer special privileges and discounts, whatever you can offer them. Configure the popup for only 1 time per visit. And have it popup after scrolling about 70% down the page. You don’t want to be obnoxious with a popup that’s immediately in their face when they land on your page. Additionally, have a box on your pages where they can sign up for your mailing list.

Offer a Bounty

Having your current customers refer a number of their friends and social media followers for some sort of reward is an excellent way to quickly grow your email marketing mailing list. Put all of the referrers’ names in a hat and draw one winner for a free iPad or a $200 discount at your shop. A small coupon won’t work, this needs to be a big prize. And make a big media blitz about the winner for even more positive exposure.

Have a Thriving Email Marketing Mailing List

Following the above methods will build your mailing list very quickly. Then you’ll be able to take advantage of the best return on investment there is in marketing today: email marketing. When you need help with your email marketing campaigns, contact us at Crumple Group. We’re experts in getting the most from marketing efforts.

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